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Cab and Box Sizes

There are three different cab options within the F150 lineup to choose from. Alongside those cab sizes, are three distinct box lengths which together, provide 6 different configurations to match with various applications. With innovative in-cab storage options and a fully flat load floor in the Crew Cab, and SuperCab models; this truck truly is a master of all.

Alongside the Crew Cab, SuperCab, and Regular Cab options; are complementary 5.5 ft., 6.5 ft., and 8 ft. box sizes. The 5.5 ft. box has a volume of 52.8 cu. ft., the 6.5 ft. box has a volume of 62.3 cu. ft., and the 8 ft box has a volume of 77.4 cu. ft.. Listed below, is additional information on the respective cargo volumes of each cab size.

Crew Cab

The four door Crew Cab (or SuperCrew) is the largest of the three cab options and therefore, offers the most in regards to passenger and storage space. Total passenger storage space is 131.8 cu. ft. (64.6 cu. ft. in the front and 67.1 cu. ft. in the rear) and total cargo volume is 51.9 cu. ft. (behind the first row with the rear-seat cushion folded up). 

This is the most versatile option in regards to balancing form and function. Two box sizes are available in conjunction; 5.5 ft. (145” wheelbase), and 6.5 ft. (157” wheelbase). This allows for greater applicability to specific situations. The short box option is great in most instances, but the long box allows for greater confidence in areas such as 5’th wheel towing, hauling snowmobiles, hauling bikes, or transporting lots of (or large) equipment.

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The second most spacious option is the SuperCab. It’s a four door option as well, but includes rear suicide doors in lieu of the front hinged alternative. There is a total passenger volume of 116 cu. ft.. The front passenger volume is the same as the Crew Cab but the rear passenger is slightly reduced to 51.4 cu. ft.. Total cargo volume for this configuration is 31.6 cu. Ft..

As it was with Crew Cab, there are two different options when it comes to box size with SuperCab. The difference is though, that the short and long box options have changed. There is now a choice between the 6.5 ft box (145” wheelbase), and the 8 ft box (163.7” wheelbase). The 8 ft box is the longest option that Ford offers in the half ton truck, which is only available in the SuperCab and Regular Cab configurations. The 8 ft box offers even more when it comes to hauling capability, and is suited well to specialty applications; hauling wood, rocks, dirt, construction material, and long or oddly shaped materials.

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Regular Cab

The third option is the Regular Cab. As is with the SuperCab, this is popular among many Fleet and Commercial applications; but still holds a place in the retail market.This is Ford’s two door option and offers a total passenger volume of 64.6 cu. ft. alongside 12.1 cu ft. of cargo volume (behind first row). 

The box size options available on the Regular Cab are the same as were with the SuperCab, but with different wheelbases. The short box option of 6.5 ft is married to 122.5” wheelbase, and the 8 ft option is married to a 141” wheelbase. This model offers the most for the least. If you’re looking for a truck that offers huge towing capability, great hauling capability, and no wasted space; the Regular Cab is the perfect option.

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